Wait until you hear this one:

Recently, a mom contacted us for some advice. She owns a few “toys” used for mild bondage sex play. But there had been, uh, an incident: her kid had found one the toys under her bed and asked, “Mommy, What’s this for?”


The thought of your child showing off your “fun hand cuffs” to his friends at school is a humiliating one. The gossip and snickering — and what your ex might say — is enough to kill that fantasy.

We encourage you to keep toys and games around for your own pleasure. Just make sure you have a foolproof hiding place.

This question might help you come up with some ideas: Where would you hide a pile of cash?
A simple lock box from the hardware store might do. (We know that some of you might have so many toys that one little lock box wouldn’t do!)

If you can splurge, sex stores such as Babeland sell “toy boxes” for this purpose. They come in a variety of pretty styles, with a lock and key.

Obviously, it’s your choice, but the most important consideration is keeping your “toys” out of your kids’ sight.

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If your kids ask,” What’s in the box, Mommy?” and hear a mumbled explanation, their curiosity might peak. Explanations like “private things just for grown-ups” will signal all-out efforts to discover what is contained in this super secret box. It is just so much easier (and respectful to your kids) to keep your adult toys totally out of their awareness.

Some mothers, however, are more worried about other family members snooping:

I’m not as worried about my kids finding my toys as I am about my mom,” single mom Elissa, who blogs at MommaLiss, told Rachel during an interview about this topic.

Elissa, who describes her mom as “so helpful but disturbingly old fashioned,” is also anxious that her mom might find her birth control because “in her world not being married means I most certainly wouldn’t need such a thing!”

Another single mom told us about an emergency evacuation of her building. Her mother, who was visiting, grabbed the kids, of course — but she also took the locked steel box, thinking that it contained important documents and, perhaps, cash and jewelry.

What this grandmother had taken was this SM’s “personal items.”

Luckily, the evacuation was brief and uneventful and no one unlocked the box. Enough said.

Now tell us: Where do you hide your toys?

Dads, we know that you’re hiding some, too!
Single parents achieve *single* status in a variety of ways — via divorce, death (often thought to be eerily similar), adoption, or through a host of various reproductive technologies. No matter what the route, there’s one thing all single parents have in common: we’re  single… NOT dead.

We all want — and need — a life outside of our career and kid responsibilities. Of course, a big part of that “other life” is a lusty and fulfilling sex life. Single parents must tackle certain life complications — just like every one else. These obstacles, however, do make creating  passionate love life a bit more challenging.

We’ve gone on the record to say: when you tackle these challenges right away, you do reap the benefits. After all, great sex starts in the head (pun or not!). Some single parents indulge in one night stands — no judgments here. More typically, however, we’ve heard that most of you are looking for a meaningful connection before you get busy. After all, this is not your first rodeo.

Of course, communication is key. You have far more to hash out with a prospective partner than men and women without kids. Making sure you’re both on the same page about certain issues goes a long way toward making your time together toe curling rather than stressful — and weird (Disclaimer: we’re talking about sex with a new partner —not sex with your ex, which is always weird.)

Here’s our advice on what to get straight —-before you get busy:

1. Is there an ex factor? Both of you must feel comfortable with your respective relationship status. Divorce negotiations can drag on for years — we understand. But, if you’re dating a separated guy (or gal), can you tolerate the emotional — and maybe  legal — risks involved?  Getting “caught” by an indignant spouse will definitely kill the mood. And do figure out if you’re just the transition relationship following a nasty break-up.  All these relationship issues get especially messy, if kids are involved.

2. Can you plan ahead? Single parents are often frazzled planners. We juggle kid and parenting time schedules, hectic work demands, and  everything else that makes life so frenetic. Simply said: spontaneous is often just not possible. Of course, single parents do relish the occasional quickie, but our whole lives often feel like a quickie — which is momentary satisfaction. We’re tired of  the “to-do” list and multitasking. Long. slow, and leisurely, frankly, better describe how to stoke a single parent’s sexual fire. Just saying.

3. What are the kid boundaries? Are you both comfortable with having grown-up sleep overs? Does one (or both of you) freak out at the prospect of kid interruptions? We’re big advocates of locks on adult bedroom doors. But, if you’re not comfortable, even behind bank vault doors, if the kids are under the same roof –the game plan needs to change. You’ll want to feel reasonably confident that the “the parent” is OK with your relationship boundaries–especially when there’s shared or joint custody.

We’d love to hear from other single parents:

What do you feel is essential to discuss before lovemaking?

Or is all this *talk* really unnecessary?
We must admit: this is the first time we’ve been asked this question. Truthfully, we’ve got NO experience with this particular relationship conflict. And we weren’t sure — at first — if this issue was really worth the conversation. The more we thought it over, however, we realized that this is an important issue. And it’s definitely worth talking about.

 Here’s the story:

“My boyfriend and I are about to book a long planned vacation to the beach,” this email began. “But, while I’m researching travel packages, my boyfriend is 24/7 obsessed with joining the ‘Mile High Club.’ ”

Apparently, sneaking off to bathroom together mid-flight for a quickie does not appeal to this woman. And she’s told her boyfriend that sex in a cramped public bathroom with a line of anxious and uncomfortable people glaring at you when you finally emerge… well, no thanks!

“My boyfriend says he just wants to do it once,” she continued. “And if I really loved him, I’d do it.”
This is going to be her first vacation away from her child as a mom — and her boyfriend is also using that as fodder. He says that she needs to take this opportunity to “let go.”


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Here’s our take: This boyfriend wants to have sex in a public place because it’s thrilling and forbidden. It’s not about connecting with her in a more intimate way. It’s really all about sneaking and getting away with something. It’s about his needs. And we think this is a blatant attempt at emotional blackmail.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this one:

Is this boyfriend’s insistence on “mile high sex” a BIG red flag?

Should she reevaluate her relationship since her boyfriend seems so intent on emotional blackmail?
Or, maybe we’ve  over-analyzed … is the boyfriend’s request just a way to spice up this vacation getaway?

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That was one less thing of the second, once I quit whacking. I could actually be with individuals and not be diverted by the climaxes I was having.

The timeframe you save is astounding when you are not masturbating, and you get lots of mental property back. It makes you more strong. Or at least that is how I felt. HD xxx videos

It’s not like my sexuality has vanished. If that launch is needed by your body and you’re not supplying it, nature has a way of taking care of it.

I understand if I was not in a committed relationship I couldn't have done this. In addition, it helps that I don’t should be fed like a vampire daily and ’m in my late forties. I am able to make do if I have sex once every four or three days, occasionally more.

It fascinates my buddies, although they don’t believe me occasionally. My wife does consider me. I think it's I don’t believe me.



But it’s all accurate. Why would I start up? Up to now, it is just made my life better. I concentrated, less high strung, more attentive to my wife, and the regular wet dreams are shame and more exciting - than they were in my youth induing.

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